About Sigilfall


A 5E Science-Fantasy Campaign.

This is a world where high-tech meets magic; of mutations and ancient powers; of cybernetics and spells; of synthetic-life and cognizant machines; of immortality and undead; of living cities and ancient ruins; of mega-corps and secret factions; of Seelie and Unseelie, and of the Summer and Winter Courts.


In the future, the Earth is a high-tech dystopia. Humanity has become a victim, trapped in its own overpopulated nightmare. With essential resources lacking and climate change dominating the planet, society struggles under the weight of powerless governments and powerful corporations.

Just when things couldn’t get bleaker, the strangest of events transformed the planet. The Sidhe Sigil, the veil separating Earth from the Otherworld collapsed. The mysterious Sidheborn poured forth from ancient places, the Winter Court releasing all manner of Orc, Orge, and Troll upon humanity, the 2nd Formorian Wars had begun.

Year after year the bloodshed raged-on, but finally after countless deaths, a peace was brokered.

In the neutral lands of Mag Mell, with help from the Summer Court, the Aes Sidhe Accords were signed.

What followed were generations of continued conflict and mistrust, but eventually, a new world emerged. This is the Earth asunder … Welcome to Sigilfall.

Role-Playing Game Features:

  • Based upon Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition ruleset, modernized for the Sundered-Earth setting.
  • Races and Subraces include Humans, Inhumans (Gargoyle, Revenant, Cognizant and the synthetic Ersatz), Jinn (Air, Earth, Fire, Water), Seelie (Dwarf, Gnome, Elf, Faun), Unseelie (Duergar, Goblyn, Drow, Satyr) and Fomorians (Orc, Orge, Troll, Tiefling).